CHI Systems Inc.

Training complex skills for today’s team-oriented operations demands a new type of simulation that, unlike conventional training devices, can faithfully replicate the verbal and cognitive aspects of a task environment. Training can be fundamentally improved by giving users on-demand access to simulations sophisticated enough to provide automated instruction and rich enough to present a realistic speech-interactive environment.

VIPERS is an advanced training architecture, deployable on low-cost laptop computers or desktop PCs, that integrates intelligent tutor agents and synthetic characters capable of human-like behavior and of interacting in spoken language. Intelligent tutoring provides effective, instructor-optional training opportunities, while synthetic agents can assume key roles within training scenarios and can interact in spoken language with the user.

VIPERS emphasizes situational awareness of pattern procedures and radio communications, in a low-cost, deployable configuration that can provide cognitive-oriented practice to a broad spectrum of training squadrons and other training units.

VIPERS was developed by CHI Systems under a Phase II SBIR from the Air Force Research Lab, and is currently in use at Laughlin AFB as part of an evaluation by the Air Education and Training Command.

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